In animals Kanna has been successfully used on cats, dogs and horses for general calming, anxiety, over excitement,
nervousness, and excessive barking.

One study found Kanna to have beneficial effects on cats that showed signs of stress and on dogs that were clinically diagnosed with dementia.



Kanna helps reduce their appetite.



Kanna works well for horses. Nervous horses, horses with difficulties to load and/or travel or for horses that cannot stand still for the farrier.


Kanna has no additives, is non-addictive, has no side effects. It can be used at shows as it is a natural remedy, not a drug.

Scientific studies relating to Kanna's use for dogs and cats


Dementia in dogs: 10mg/kg at night decreased excessive barking.
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Decreased cage-stress and travel stress in cats: 10mg/kg- 100mg/kg.
Hirabayashi et al. 2004. Hirabayashi, M., Ichikawa, K., Yoshi, A., Uchino, T., Shimada, K., 2004. Clinical effects of South African tea for Cat. Japanese Journal of Small Animal Practice 23, 85–89 [Japanese].


Dementia in dogs and cats: (31 dogs, 2 cats). 2- 90mg/kg for 5- 180 days. All animals except one showed some improvement. Sceletium was “remarkably effective” in 12 animals.
Hirabayashi et al. 2005 Hirabayashi, M., Ichikawa, K., Yoshi, A., Shimada, K., Uchino, T., 2005. Clinical effects of South African Tea for dementia animal. Japanese Journal of Small Animal Practice 24, 27–31 [Japanese].